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Target Marketing Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that works with companies, brands, authors and mission-driven thought leaders to advance ideas that matter. From digital PR campaigns to dynamic new websites and eye-catching design to social media strategy and campaigns, we bring every aspect of the process under one roof so that our clients benefit from a single, integrated approach.

The company’s team represents combined experience of over 20 years serving a diverse range of companies and industries. Target Marketing Digital creates online strategies that target a client’s current and potential customer community. We build, engage and influence communities responsibly using social media, digital marketing, media/public relations and advertising.

Target Marketing Digital strives to make marketing and publicity effective and accessible to everyone. We love what we do, and we want to share our passion, expertise, creativity and sense of humor to support the missions of our clients. We want to be a catalyst of innovation and a vibrant leader in our industry.

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Kenneth Gillett

As Principal of Target Marketing, Kenneth Gillett leads partnerships with top publishers, authors and companies. He works with today’s thought leaders and companies to build bestsellers and influential brands. Kenneth’s experience in publishing started with best-selling author and business thought leader, Keith Ferrazzi, leading his Professional Talent Management division for years before launching Target Marketing in 2005.

Jason Ashlock

Jason Allen Ashlock provides strategic consulting on content and product design, managing ambitious and innovative book packaging initiatives for media companies, entrepreneurial authors, growing brands, start-ups, and organizations of all kinds.

Krasimir Galabov

As Creative Director, Krasimir is committed to crafting and producing forward thinking digital products and tools. With passion for both design and technology, Kras believes that the best work is not only functional, but elegant, and engaging. In the past, he has worked on creative solutions for clients such as: CBS Sports, Simon & Schuster, UNICEF USA, Sirius XM, Wellpoint, Canon, Estée Lauder and many more.

Ruth Shelling

As Director of Marketing Strategy, Ruth has more than 17 years of media, marketing, and sales experience. Ruth has vast experience in developing integrated marketing strategies, and has an innate ability to build a rapport with all genres of clients. She has worked extensively with brands in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Jimmy Farrell

As Marketing Associate, Jimmy Farrell assists in the execution of marketing campaigns—developing content strategies, coordinating media placements, and managing project workflow. Jimmy has several years experience in both marketing and publishing, and he holds a master’s degree in publishing from University College London.

Jonny Drubel

Jonny Drubel manages content on behalf of all clients and partners. By staying up-to-date on the latest platforms, Jonny drives brand awareness and online traffic by developing the voice of each client through their content, social media presence and all related community interactions.

Miguel Trindade

A media designer and art director since 2004. Miguel believes the most important part of any work is to THINK on the client’s challenge and then present the most creative and relevant solution possible while having FUN in the process.

As a designer Miguel has integrated teams from small and medium independent creative studios to big name multinational advertising agencies mainly in Europe. Miguel has worked with brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Nespresso, Fanta, Colgate, Powerade, Randstad, Smartbox, Fnac, McDonald’s, among many others.

Matt Ogilvie

As a Target Marketing social media associate, Matt leads creative thinking from both a content and audience perspective. Leveraging the latest technologies to make our clients’ social platforms high impact and dynamic. He enjoys everything that is web; from creating websites to marketing them with SEO and digital tactics.

Maya Jiménez

Maya leads all media campaigns as Target Marketing’s junior publicist. Maya uses storytelling to craft compelling pitches that resonate with audiences on both online and traditional media. Maya graduated from Boston University with a degree in Journalism and is passionate about media and technology.



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What Our Clients Have Said

  • Gina Rudan

    Kenneth was a partner and sage who led the launch of my book, Practical Genius. Kenneth and the Target Marketing Digital team were a delight to work with and effectively managed my social media strategy with great passion and dedication. Successful authors surround themselves with genius and Kenneth is indeed a true Practical Genius.

    Gina Rudan

    Best-Selling Author of Practical Genius, Executive Coach and Culture Hacker

  • Keith Ferrazzi

    Kenneth lead not only the strategy for my book, Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time, but executed it flawlessly. Highly strategic, endlessly creative and laser focused made Never Eat Alone become the national bestseller it deserved to be. Thank you to Kenneth and the Target Marketing team!

    Keith Ferrazzi

    National Bestselling Author, Relationship Master, Activist, Business Leader

  • Tom Doctoroff

    Kenneth Gillett’s team are consummate professionals.  It almost goes without saying that the company’s design is impeccable and service standards of the highest caliber.  What’s most impressive, however, is their near-instinctive grasp of new digital communications and the rhythm of social networks…what clicks, what spurs a conversation, what elicits intrigue.   Target Marketing Digital is both a class act and a cool act.

    Tom Doctoroff

    CEO of JWT Asia-Pacific, Author of Billions, What Chinese Want, Twitter is Not a Strategy

  • Dr. Mark Goulston

    I have been continually impressed with the “out of the box” but common sense grounded approach Target Marketing has to helping authors become successful and to maximize the windows of opportunities they have. I recommend Target Marketing with enthusiasm and without hesitation to any author or publisher who wants to increase the chances for a successful book launching.

    Dr. Mark Goulston

    HBR Blogger, Thought Leader, Bestselling Author of Just Listen, Get Out of Your Own Way and Real Influence

  • Terri Long

    Kenneth and his team at Target Marketing did a great job for us. They are creative, fun and top-notch project managers! We will certainly work with them again.

    Terri Long

    Co-CEO, Harvest Earnings and Co-Author of Low-Hanging Fruit: 77 Eye-Opening Ways to Improve Productivity and Profits

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